Monday, October 01, 2012

When You're Smiling

My family is in need of some smiles...Here are 3 surefire ways. 

1) if you are 7 weeks old, just find the nearest light fixture and break out in a grin.   Smiles are hard to capture at this age, as they move fast, and babies hate the flash.  But here are a couple of attempts.

2) Another thing that makes me smile are Mina and Abby's babysitting methods.  I'm sure blogger will put these pics in the wrong order, so just bear with me.  Or is it bare? When I shower in the AM, Mina is often in charge of babsitting Leia.  Which usually involves covering her in stuffies or reading her a story.  The other day, she choose a 3-D book and was very helpful by putting the 3-D glasses on the baby. Abby's special big-sister talent is to rock Leia to sleep.  I don't have a pic yet, but often I will be preparing dinner or doing something that requires both hands, and I will give Leia to Abby while doing this.  Most times, when I am ready to take Leia again, she is fast asleep in Abby's loving, but sore, arms.

3) An apple a day :  we have a great apple tree in the yard, and this time of year, Mina can often be found right underneath of it, doing yoga and eating an apple.  Sometimes there are none to be found on the ground, so she climbs up into the tree and shakes the branches until one falls down.  And it is so easy for me to tell them to just go and get an apple from the tree when they want snacks!

So there you have it folks.  3 ways to get happy, from the Nixons!

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Nawana said...

This gave me several much needed smiles throughout the day!