Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nesting, and some new Diarma's

 A few shots of Mina's recent games.  Above, we have the princesses, dancing together.  Sweet.
 Here, the horses are ried in the stable.
 And here is Ken, and his Barbies.  They are napping.  Ken is "cuddling" his friend.  They take turns.  I am not sure why the bride barbie is all alone and off to the side of the happy cuddling group.  ???
 Also, I have been "nesting".  I make this blanket. 

 ALso these wool soakers.  The top ones are from re-purposed sweaters, the others and knit. There are a few others too that I made.  Did you know you can use a wool soaker to go over cloth diapers instead of plastic pants?  Especially good at night, as they let air flow in. 
 I made a few "wet bags" out of PUL- for putting cloth diapers in when they are wet and you are out and about.
 Here are some wool "longies", also knit my yours truly!  And my shadow, which is rather large and hard to exclude from a frame. 
Keith has been nesting too.  Here is our new and much bigger hot water heater.  So that my birth tub can be filled easily with stramy hot water, if I want it.  He sure does love me.  I am a lucky Mama!

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Betina said...

I love the longies! I'd love the pattern one day.