Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Musings... A bullet List

  • I was going to blog about how much I hate the bleeping cold.  But, it has warmed to only -24 degrees, so I feel much better about it.  I was not enjoying the -44 of yesterday.  
  • I keep telling myself that it is cheaper and more practical to by new car seats and booster seats than it is to buy a new car.  But the Mazda 5 is calling me!  Alas, a couple of Britax Marathon's should do the trick.  Or  perhaps the Radian 65's which are also narrow.  
  • I made the most delicious lasagne over the weekend.  It was golden and bubbly and perfect.  I even took a picture of it for my archive of fantastic food that I have made.  I also have many pictures of various yorkshire puddings and apple pies. 
  • The museum is having a Chair exhibit and I am unreasonably excited.  People thing I am a bit strange, but I can't wait!    
I should really not have started this list now, because I have to go get Abby.  More later!  TTFN!!

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