Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mixed Bag

Tell me, why is this blue and underlined, and why are the pics in the wrong place? You will have to deal with it. I don't have the patience to fix it. Above, are 3 lovely donut eaters. I have another picture of Ivy just after this bite, with colourful sprinkles all over her cheeks. Very cute. Alas, blogger decided not to load it properly. Notice, as the picnic table says, we were in Colfax.
And here is young Goldilocks. The bedtime curlers worked magic!
Above is my slipcover project! Imagine that there is a hem in place, it is not quite finished yet. I have decided that my home furnishings etc. will never really be subdued. I have kids, and I like the colours. I may place a red throw on the couch though, to tame the blooms a bit.

In other news...
City Mouse vs: Country Mouse.
Remember that story, with the 2 cousin mice? Well, I kid of volley in between being a city mouse, an country mouse. I love my new commute to work. I walk about 8 minutes to the train station, jump on the train, where I watch strangers going about their lives, and dream up novels based on the snippets I observe.

Like the man who was running for the train and just as he got in the door, a white plastic horse fell out of his pocket and clattered down to the platform. He turned and looked at it, trying to open the door to get it, but it was too late and the train sped away. Was it his daughter's horse? Was it a gift for a little boy's birthday? Was it his good luck bingo charm? We will never know. Or, the man in the expensive suit, with really nice leather shoes. He had a laptop, but was using it to balance a plastic case in which his needle point supplies were resting. He was quietly cross-stitching a scene of a lighthouse, with waves crashing up against what would become rocks. Who is this corporate cross-stitcher? Is he an lawyer, zenning out on the train before a big case? The plastic surgeon from the 14th floor, whom I am working up the courage to see about my droopy eyelids? Alas, we do not know.

Then, voila, 10 minutes later I am in the lobby of my building. I even have a doorman guy, Abdul. There is a Timmys in my lobby, and even though there are often 30 people in line, I can get served in about 4 minutes. I think I will buy Abdul a coffee next week. Then up to my 8th floor office, where I can look out the window and see planes landing and taking off at the muni, trains far off in the distance, and automobiles down below. If I had binoculars, I could peek into the window of the room where my first born took her first breath. I have a wonderful new job that seems too good to be true. (my boss likes to go down to the lobby and buy candy inbetween patients.) 2 blocks down there is a high end grocery store which I will check out over lunch one day, if it ever stops raining. Plus a huge new and used book store across the street.

These are things I love about the city. I am trying very hard to notice the things I love about the city and my place in it, because I often get caught up in complaining about all of the things I hate about city life. But I am not going to do that today.

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Betina said...

I LOVE this post!

I LOVE the couch!

I miss you guys and I can't wait till the summer for Cousin Camp.

Your offerings may be infrequent, but they pack a good punch.