Monday, April 12, 2010

What we did for Easter.

Hi all. I can't figure out how to arrange pictures in the right order with text... That is the cake, of delicious raspberry goodness that P and I made for Easter desert. It was V. yummy! (Patience, I stole that "V" thing from you. I hope you don't mind.)
Here is Abby, getting her make up done. Very fancy. Nothing makes this girl happier than some girl time with an Auntie.
Here are the girls, and their surrogate parents for the weekend at the zoo. Abby was not interested in having her picture taken at this time. And, I should have cropped out that stranger. oh well.

We had a very fun time visiting P and D over Easter. The egg hunt in the apartment was really fun, Mina was so excited about finding eggs in her shoes! Thank you for having us! The girls are amassing a feather collection to tickle Uncle Dan with for next time....

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P-Cute said...

Anytime, anytime! We had a really good time too :)!! S- Abby totally looks like you doing a sullen face pose. HOLY COW it is deja'vu. Dude! I love the picture of me doing her makeup. And don't worry, I took the "v" thing from Bridgett Jones.