Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Trials

Well, it is Tuesday. A terrific day to :
  • be attacked by your babysitter's dog. (I am okay, other than being bruised and sore.) But he tore a hole in my NEW FAVOURITE hoodie. And now I am rather terrified of him. My new babysitter starts in April! YAY! (decision unrelated to dog incident).
  • discover that someone tried to break in to my car. Silver lining, the damage is not big, I think someone came by while the jerk was getting started. So I might become the next annoying person with a sensitive car alarm that goes off every time someone walks by. Sorry. Jerks.
  • finish antibiotics. Discover that at least part of my ear/sinus/head infection must not be bacterial because my head still feels like there is a wrecking ball swinging back and forth inside of it. Although my ear does feel better, and the roof of my mouth is no longer numb.
Ponder excess weight.
  • My cups overfloweth. Rather nicely I must say. Keith agrees.
  • It is much healthier to be more than 100 lbs.
  • It is good to have a couple of those extra lbs for the lean times of crohn's which overcome me.
  • My pants do not button comfortably. Which reminds me of the extra lbs every minute of every day and that is what makes me feel fat.
  • Today there was a slight jiggle when I drove over a pot hole. Not a nice feeling.
  • I can no longer get away with eating a bakers dozen of sugar cookies with thick buttercream frosting. This is very sad, and I think about those cookies daily. I think this is what my sisters meant when they would talk about the evils of butter all day long. Now I understand, and I apologize for having being annoyed at the time about it.
  • I think the best thing to do is to buy a couple of new pairs of pants.
PS: I like bullet lists. They make me feel justified in using poor grammar.


Eve said...

go get yourself some black strech yoga pants... they will fit you no matter what size you are. I wore my before being pregnant, while preganant, and im STILL wearing the same pants. I'll probably never wear jeans again. I love yoga stretch pants. And if you want to splurge... get them from lulu lemon! (but dont dry them with towels or jeans... it wrecks them)

Betina said...

A++. I am glad to see you understand the evils of butter, but even gladder that your little body is actually keeping some butter weight on it! Keep up the good work. Don't give up cookies altogether. This is what the gym is for!

Go shopping with P and get some jeans at a discount!

Also... black yoga pants rock. I second the motion.

Betina said...

ps - you are so witty. How did so many witty girls get into the same family? I tell you what, we should all write a book. We would think it was hilarious for sure. And the rest of the world? Who cares!