Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Photo Updates

Here are the Halloween costumes: a Mermaid, and Mavis the train. 100% home made!
This was a really foggy morning at our bus stop.
Hmm. I think I posted this one already. oops.
A better look at the Mermaid! I am so pleased with how it turned out!
Patience and Dan came and we went to the greenhouse/cornmaze. It was really a fun time! I think we will make it a Halloween tradition.
Here we are in the corn maze. Dan was the navigator, he was tall enough to see over the corn!
Aunite Bunny was up a while ago - there is always lots of crafting happening when she is here. She and Abby added wings to the horses.

1 comment:

Betina said...

I love the costumes and hate you just a little for sewing that mermaid yourself. Good job!

The train is a hoot!

My favorite is the little Mina underpants bum in the background of the photo with Abby in her costume.

I miss these girls.