Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not a Creature was stirring...

Well, Christmas is upon is. And my family (siblings and parents) are all away, at Betina's house. Well, except for Eve and Sean. So at least I am not alone in my lonely-ness. I thought I would be okay with having a quiet Christmas, and probably I still will, but when I read Betina's' blog, and think about how much fun it is to be all together, I wish I was there. I don't even want to call there, because that would make me miss it even more. But it was not going to happen - Keith and I both have to work today, so that would have left us 1 day to get there. Not possible, at least for us. So, we will have a quiet holiday here, as planned. And it will be nice and fun and happy. But, very quiet. Next year, I will be where the action is!

And just to comment, I think it is GROSS when people leave their shoes on indoors. How disgusting. That is one thing I just did not get about Americans.


Eve said...

Im right there with you serinda! I wish i was in washington too! I cant wait to check out kenneth's mad building skills. Have a merry christmas!


Betina said...

We miss you still Serinda Minnie. It would have been wonderful to have the cousins here. Though the Auntie machine has done well to absorb the children.

We can't wait to see you when the weather is fairer.