Saturday, March 22, 2008


Here are some pictures of the girls, each wearing the cute hats Auntie Betina made for them. Although Mina prefers to wear panties on her head, I do make her switch them out for a hat when we go out, which makes her very sad. It is officially spring now, and even Easter this weekend, but you would not really know it by looking outside. I am wishing we were at Betina's again for the holiday so that the Easter Bunny could come outside (and to Rosaurs too), instead of just to the living room. Somehow, it just does not seem as fun. But I am sure Abby and Mina will still love it. Maybe we should consider making Easter in Colfax a tradition.


Betina said...

I love seeing the girls in their hats!

The kids had a fun time at all the hunts, but it was pretty chilly here too. No snow, but not warm enough to enjoy being outside for too long. Easter in March is just too early.

Come any time you'd like! We are doing the basement this year, so by next Easter hopefully there will be more room here!

Betina said...

PS - I looked for the same yarn to make you a hat too, but everywhere is out. I bought it a couple of years ago, so I guess they have moved on and left that color behind. Sorry.