Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Why, oh why, is my life filled with POOP issues??? First of all, there is my Crohn's disease. All about poop. (Well, and pain too, but that is a whole other poor-me post. This one is only about poop.) Second, my cat, who still poops on the floor a few times a week. Yuck. Thirdly, and most importantly, my first born. She has had poop issues forever. When she was a baby, she stopped going for about 2 weeks! My dad, books, and her GP all said normal, fine, she is breast fed, don't worry about it. Well, of course I worried, cried and lost a lot of sleep, and was convinced that everyone was wrong, because only I knew my baby's poop patterns. So, I got my dad to fandangle a emergency appointment with a pediatric specialist, who also, said that she was fine. And she was. I think this is why we have issues today. It is all my fault. She will actually hold it in for a week at a time, and make herself sick. It is awful and really stressful for everyone. So, today I took action. I made a double batch of bran muffins, fed her blueberries and muffins for lunch, and spiked her drinks with that powdery fibre additive. Lo and behold (drumroll please....) a huge poop! I am so happy and relieved. ahhhh. Nothing like a good poop. Fibre is our friend, and will be a part of our lives, even when it is secretly added to water, forever!


Betina said...

Where is the picture of the celebratory chocolate cake?

Hurray for the poop!

Patience said...

that was a fun weekend. good thing her mommie has her back... literally hee hee.