Monday, November 06, 2006

5 Year Plans

I come from a family of planners. Growing up, we had family planning every Sunday night at 7 PM to discuss our various schedules for the coming week. We all had calendars and pencils in hand, and while it may seem a little strange to an outsider, it worked out really well. And it molded me into a planner. I devised my life into segments of 5 year plans, set goals and found ways to meet them. Well, I have run out of 5 year plans. I have attained everything important that I set out to do before I was 30. (well, except for delivering this second baby, that is...) I even got a rock tumbler and am almost done processing my first set of polished rocks! (Not all plans and goals are earth shattering). I suppose when I was "young" I just did not think I would ever get as "old" as 30, and would not have to plan that far ahead. Well, here I am, not quite 30, but still in need of a new 5 year plan. Would it be lame to say that for then next 5 years I plan to enjoy the things in my life that I have worked for, like my family, my home and my job (and my rock tumbler)? I think for the next 5 years that is precisley what I am going to do. And I will make frivolous goals, such as making sure I get my hair cut 4 times a year, not just when my sisters are going to see me, do the renovations in our house to make it the way we want, and go on a few nice holidays. I just feel like such an underachiever when there are not signifigant items on my list. Perhaps I will make that a 3 year plan, and then revise as necessary, since I did finish this current 5 year plan a couple of years early.

Oh! I think I am having a contraction! Hopefully this one will lead somewhere...

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Eve said...

will the baby come out all ready!!!!