Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Belly Pictures!

Alright, I am trying to upload a belly picture or two. I hope it works. I also hope that I am violating any blogspot rules by posting a bit of skin. So, enjoy, this belly is about 7 months along. It is still a managable size. In another week or so, it will not be so cute and perky. Soon, my belly button will be completly gone, and I will not be able to see my cute pedicure anymore.


Eve said...

serinda, the pictures turned out great!!! I know you have more of them though, so please email them to me! evepayne@hotmail.com!!! i will use one for my screen saver at work, yippeeee!!!!! Do you have any ones in a slinky black dress by any chance? sexy serinda minnie!

Betina said...

Cute pictures! Send more via email. You will treasure these!

Patience said...

love the pic's. you are such a hot mama. I love your belly.